British Brunette Blonde Actresses in their 30s

In today’s article, we will know about such actresses of Hollywood who looked very hot in the 30s. This actress was quite famous in the 30s due to her hotness. This article has been written so that you can know about such actresses, the hot actresses of the 30s are as follows:-

  1. Scarlett Johansson
  2. Emily Blunt
  3. Megan Fox
  4. Margot Robbie
  5. Alexandra Daddario
  6. Blake Lively
  7. Emma Stone
  8. Olivia Wilde
  9. Amber Heard
  10. Samantha Akkineni
  11. Nora Lum
  12. Yvonne Strahovski
  13. Kristen Stewart
  14. Emma Watson
  15. Mila Kunis

You can checkout this article to know complete information of above actress.