How tall is Becky G

August 5, 2020 kathol60 0

You must have heard about many famous singers of America. Becky G is also one of them. Becky G’s original name is Rebecca Marie Gomez. […]

Svante Thunberg net worth

August 1, 2020 kathol60 0

Savante Thunberg is a famous Swedish actor. His  climate activist daughter’s name is Greta Thunberg. Savante Thunberg was born on 10 June 1969. His place […]

Paul Rudd Kids

July 24, 2020 kathol60 0

You all must have heard about actor Paul Rudd. He is one of the famous actors of Hollywood. This year on 6 April 2020, he […]

Biography of Kiana lede

July 24, 2020 kathol60 0

Kianna Lede is one of America’s most famous singers. Kianna Lede also enjoys acting and playing piano with singing. Kiana Lede currently lives in Los […]