Blonde Brunette British Actresses from the 90s

In today’s article, we will know about such actresses who were very popular in the 90s. It was in discussion due to their hotness. In this article, we will see such actresses who were very much liked in the 90s due to their hotness. The list of hot actresses of the 90s is as follows:-

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

2.     Heather Locklear

3.     Kathy Ireland

4.     Rachel Weisz

5.     Vanessa Marcil

6.     Cameron Diaz

7.     Jessica Simpson

8.     Alyssa Milano

9.     Michelle Pfeiffer

10. Faith Hill

11. Marisa Tomei

12. Tiffani Thiessen

13. Kim Basinger

14. Jennifer Connelly

15. Elle Macpherson

16. Halle Berry

17. Heidi Klum

18. Stacey Dash

19. Carmen Electra

20. Shannon Elizabeth

21. Cindy Crawford

22. Salma Hayek

23. Jennifer Love Hewitt

24. Catherine Zeta-Jones

25. Penélope Cruz

26. Shania Twain

27. Monica Bellucci

28. Denise Richards

29. Jennifer Aniston

30. Elizabeth Hurley

 If you want to see the pictures of these actresses, then you can read this article.