Blonde Brunette British Actresses in Their 50s

In today’s article, we will know about such actresses of Hollywood who looked very hot in the 50s. This actress was quite famous in the 50s due to her hotness. This article has been written so that you can know about such actresses, the hot actresses of the 50s are as follows:-

  1. Marilyn Monroe

2.   Jeanne Carmen

3.   Martine Carol

4.   Diana Dors

5.   Anita Ekberg

6.   Martha Hyer

7.   Adele Jergens

8.   Barbara Lang

9.   Joi Lansing

10.                     Jayne Mansfield

11.                     Marie McDonald

12.                     Beverly Michaels

13.                     Cleo Moore

14.                     Sheree North

15.                     Barbara Nichols

16.                     Kim Novak

17.                     Carol Ohmart

18.                     Jan Sterling

19.                     Greta Thyssen

20.                     Mamie Van Doren

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