Some Techniques for Handling Terrible Twos and Threes

Many times parents get very upset when their children are two and three years old. This is such a stage of children in which the child starts speaking and learning. In such a situation, many times the children wake up at night and start crying. In today’s article, we will see some such tips which you can adopt in the age of two and three of your children.

1. You stay in line with your expectations and results:- In the age of two and three, children behave a bit strangely. In such a situation, if the child gets angry more, explain to him lovingly that he should not get angry. Try to fulfill the demands of the child which you think are right.

2. Appreciate your child when he behaves well, this will make it easier for your child to understand how he should behave. Therefore, when the child behaves well, praise him in front of everyone so that he is encouraged to do so continuously.

3. When your child is doing some small act, ignore it. On doing this, you should neither pay attention to him nor scold him for this. Sometimes children do the same thing after which they get scolded.

4. If you child is playing pranks or is angry, don’t talk to him and leave him to calm down. When the child calms down, explain to him that it is wrong for him to throw tantrums and get angry like this. This will make the child try to improve his behavior.

5. Handling children in the dreaded two or three stage can be a frustrating time. So you should note that this time is temporary. In such times, stay positive and remember that your child will come out of this phase soon.

6. Pay attention to the positive aspects of your child. For example, if your child asks for a toy and is ready to wait for some time after your persuasion, appreciate it and teach it to solve every situation with patience like this every time in life. Will happen.

Using all these tips, you can get your kids out of the dreaded two and three situation.