10 Phrases To Use When Your Toddler Doesn ‘T Listen

Many times parents complain to their child that their child does not listen to them. In such a situation, parents become very worried and worried about their child. In such a situation, parents need to pay attention to their children and they need to educate them in such a way that they cannot ignore them. For this, you have to learn some such phrases by which children will start listening to you. This phrase is as follows:-

1. We have to go now instead of we are going to leave in 10 minutes. Hurry up.

You always prepare your children for the future. Do not give them much gap in stopping for any work. When children are given a gap in their work, they become careless and focus all their attention on sports and do not listen to their parents.

2. Do you want to eat chowmein or pizza for dinner:-

Offer your kids the option. So that they will listen to you attentively. By this you will be able to know his interest in your decisions. When he will take interest in these works then it will become easy for you.

3. I see you are having trouble doing this task. Do you need help with:-

When we see that your child is in some trouble and without asking him, you get involved in that problem, then the child gets angry. So you should give freedom to your child. If you want to help him in his problem, first ask him whether he needs your help or not.

4. Will you use your words properly instead of crying:-

When you feel that the child is not using the right words in his language, then you try to correct his words by lovingly explaining to him. If you do not have the right tone in communication with the child, then the child will never listen to you and will never bring the improvement you want to bring in him.

5. Use gentle hands with your child instead of telling them to stop

If you feel that your child is doing something wrong again and again, then gently put your hand on his head and forbid him to do that work. If you scold him and forbid him to do that work, he may not be able to leave that work.

6. I do not like your getting wet in the rain, I am afraid that you will fall sick in the rain, instead of saying stop, do not go in the rain.

7. Come add this to your list:-

Every parent has to be saddened by the tantrums of their children. If your child is stubborn or fussy about something, you can tell him to add it to your list and you will get it when the right time comes for it.

8. It is okay to be sad or cry:-

Whenever your child is facing great emotions and you see that your child is crying, do not tell him to stop crying, you are now a boy or a girl. Instead, it is better to say that it is okay to be sad in this situation. This will make the child feel that you understand his feelings.

9. I am waiting for you to calm down:-

When your child is angry and not listening to you, wait for him to calm down so that you can inform him about right and wrong. Children never learn about right and wrong in anger. In such a situation, you will have to wait for them to calm down.

10. Let’s Begin 1,2,3

If you want to motivate your children to do some work, then you can tell them that let’s start 1,2,3

Using all these phrases, you can motivate your children to listen to your words.