What Are the Main Types of Fashion Styles

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Parisian Style

The Parisian style is all about being both chic and minimal. It’s an effortlessly cool and classic look that’s perfect for any occasion.

The Parisian style is all about being both laid-back and dressed up. Instead of using heavy makeup, French women opt for lighter foundations and a clean hairstyle. This masculine-féminin look features neutral tones, such as white button-up shirts, jeans, and white sneakers. It also includes delicate jewelry pieces.

Classic Style

The timeless appeal of the classic dressing style is what sets it apart from other types of fashion. Instead of relying on trends, this approach is about refined pieces such as a pair of jeans and a tailored jacket. It also features neutral accessories, such as bags and scarfs. Creating a classic wardrobe is about pairing black, gray, and tan tones.  You can find these items in various colors and styles as well, such as trench coats, wool overcoats, and pumps.

Bohemian/Bohemian Chic Style

A look that’s both free-spirited and full of nostalgia is called bohemian Chic. This style is closely associated with the 60s and 70s hippie fashion movement. It’s a mix of natural fabrics, warm shades, and bold accessories.

To create the perfect Bohemian look, choose loose yet feminine floral prints and accessories that are mixed with natural materials. Some of the key colors that you can use include mustard yellow, olive green, and gray. For accessories, fringe, macramé, and crochet are ideal.

Business Casual Style

Business casual, which was born in the 1980s in Silicon Valley, is one of the most popular styles of fashion.

It’s a combination of traditional business attire with more relaxed pieces that are ideal for the office. This style should not be restricted to work as it is great for on-duty dressing.

You can easily outfit yourself with various pieces such as pants, skirts, jumpers, and heels. For a more sophisticated look, pair of tailored trousers with a pair of dark or neutral cardigans and polo shirts.

Retro Style

One of the most crucial factors that you should consider choosing retro fashion is that it’s a great way to show off your love for the past. The term retro refers to the period that’s 20 to 30 years before the current one.

However, the concept of retro is also applied to the revival of Y2K. This time around, it includes glitter, butterfly clips, and low-waisted jeans. The 80s were full of vibrant colors and styles, such as oversized jackets with padded shoulders, fringe-covered suede jackets, and tie-dye shirts. The combination of old and modern elements is what makes this look so retro.

Chic Style

The appeal of chic fashion is always actual, as it is loved by women who prefer to be sophisticated and smart.

The chic style usually involves a variety of feminine and sophisticated elements. These include the classic black dress or tailored trousers. Its modern-of-duty look is characterized by sleek and minimal details that can be easily put together. Various patterns such as animal prints and polka dots are commonly featured in this look.

Vintage Style

The term vintage fashion style usually refers to items that were made around the 20th century. There are no specific rules about what you should or shouldn’t wear when dressing for vintage.

One of the most important factors to consider when dressing for vintage is to select pieces that represent the era in which they were made. You can go full-on vintage, however, try incorporating modern elements into your look to make it even more interesting.