Biography of Kiana lede

Kianna Lede is one of America’s most famous singers. Kianna Lede also enjoys acting and playing piano with singing. Kiana Lede currently lives in Los Angeles California. Kianna Lede has given her performance as Van in the M TV debacle series. Kianna Lede has also given her performance in Netflix’s All About Washington.

Kianna Lede was born on 3 April 1997. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Her mother’s name is Shakira Matherly and father’s name is Michael Brown.

The height of Kiana Lede is 5 feet 5 inches. Kiana Lede is also active on her Instagram account. Se has 8 lac 28 thousand followers on her Instagram account, which shows that Kiana Lede is very much liked on social media. Kianna Lede keeps putting her photo  and songs on her Instagram. Which the public likes a lot.

23-year-old Kianna Lede has made a good career in a very short time. Her career clearly shows how her hard  works for her work. As a result, today she has reached such a good place. If you want to know about her  songs and album then you can go to his personal site. She has sung many songs for Hollywood. Which you can listen to by visiting their personal site.