Biography of Jorja Smith

You must have heard about UK singer Jorja Smith. Many people want to know about them. In this article we will give you information about her.

Jorja Smith was born on 11 June 1997 in the city of Walsall, UK. Her mother’s name is Jolene Smith and her father’s name is Peter Smith. They love her daughter very much. Jorja Smith released her first project on 11 November 2016. Jorja Smith sang several songs since January 2016. But she released her first project in November 2016.

Jorja Smith is currently dating her fellow artist Joel Compass. Earlier, Jorja Smith was associated with Canadian rapper Drak. The height of Jorja Smith is 5 feet 6 inches.

Jorja Smith has earned a different name in singing. Jorja Smith has won several prestigious awards, beating her fellow musicians Mabel and Stephan Dan. Jorja Smith was nominated at the 2017 Mobo Awards along with the best woman along with several other awards.

Jorja Smith’s father also works as a singer. Jorja Smith’s father encouraged him to learn piano and learn classical singing in her childhood.

Jorja Smith credits her debut album, Frank, for her good career. It was only after this album that her career continued to grow. Jorja Smith has achieved good success in a short time in the field of singing. We hope that Jorja Smith can be able to progress further in her career by achieving success in the same way.