The Best Cannabis Strains to Grow Outdoors

Sativa-dominant strains

If you’re planning to grow cannabis outdoors, you’ll want to choose a Sativa-dominant variety. This variety is known to produce high yields, have a delicious strawberry aroma, and have impressive resistance to pests and mildew. It also thrives in wet conditions a south-facing location. Placing plants on the ground in the south will ensure that your car has the maximum potential direct light. You can reward your cannabis plants with up to 15 hours of UV-rich sunlight during the summer months. A Sativa-dominated plant will also have a floral sweet taste.

Fast Bud Outdoor is popular Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that produces an astronomical yield of 600-650 grams per plant. Its characteristic Sativa high is uplifting and social, and is enhanced by its floral taste. It grows rapidly and is easy to grow outdoors, provided you get plenty of warm weather.

Hulkberry is another great Sativa-dominant cannabis strain to grow outdoors. It was developed by RQS breeders by crossing Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. The result is an exceptional cannabis plant that grows to two meters tall and produces 700 grams per plant. Make sure to use high quality cbd cannabis seeds for this purpose.

Sativa-dominant hybrids

Sativa-dominant hybrids are generally best for outdoor growing, as they are more resistant to heat-related stress and don’t need long nights to flower. However, if your conditions are a bit more extreme, you might want to consider growing a more indica-dominant variety.

If you want to grow cannabis outdoors, you’ll want to find a sativa-dominant variety that grows fast and is easy to grow. There are some incredibly popular sativa-dominant hybrids available. One popular choice is Durban Poison is purple weed strain seeds, a pure landrace from Durban, South Africa. This strain is incredibly energetic and motivational and is perfect for social activities. It has notes of tropical fruit and anise.

Sativa-dominant hybrids are also best for growing cannabis in mountain areas. The soil in the mountains tends to be more fertile than the soil in other parts of the country. However, in these conditions, the plants may struggle in the high humidity. To combat this, it’s best to grow auto-flowering and fast-finishing Sativa-dominant hybrids.

Sativa-dominant landraces

Sativa-dominant landrace strains are best for outdoor cultivation, as they are fast-growing and produce dense, resin-producing buds. They can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors, and are suitable for growing in the temperate zone. The Sativa plant produces a large amount of CBD, which is the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

The Power Plant is a famous Sativa-dominant strain that originated in the South African savannah. It is a fast-growing plant with an exceptionally long growing season, which prevents frost damage. Its astringent taste and uplifting high are typical of this strain, and its ancient genetic line makes it an excellent choice for outdoor cultivation.

Sativa-dominant strains are best for outdoor cultivation, as they are tolerant of higher temperatures. These strains will also have enough time to complete their long flowering cycles. Outdoor growers in the Southwest should use a hydroponic system, as soils in the region are often nutrient-poor. In addition, water is limited in this region, so conservative hydroponic techniques like drip lines are the best option.

This means you can grow large quantities of auto cannabis from the comfort of your own garden, tunnel, greenhouse, sun terrace or balcony. We advise hiding your cannabis plants well and even being prepared to accompany them with companion plants that can help them better camouflage, such as mint, basil, chamomile, lavender, dill, peppermint, and marigold, just to name a few. of them. Companion plants will also work hard to repel insects and reduce the threat of garden pests.