What Space Movie Came out in 1992

Today in this article we will give you information about which space films came in 1992. The year 1992 has been one of the interesting years in film history. This year there was a film that was all-out supernatural. The film was about the race of supernatural beings who travel to the galaxy to form a homosexual society.

The film was given the title of a popular science fiction film in the 90s. The film follows a group of homosexual men who come to earth from the sky to make the earth a homosexual society. The film was a comedy film of its time. In this movie gay men come to Earth from a planet called Anal. These men look for such planets where there are females. In the end this man comes to earth. The film is named Gayniggers. It has been shown in this film that when these gay men come to the earth, the men of the earth welcome them. The planet from which these gay men came is also called Gayniggers. When the men of the earth used to kill their wives, these Gayniggers men used to hug them. When the Earth is completely freed from females, these Grenigar males go back to space. After this, these Gayniggers men look for some other planet where there are females and they can free that planet also from females.

The film was well received at that time. This film proved to be a comedy film for the audience. The imagination in this film was also very interesting. If you also want to watch this movie then you can watch it on youtube. You will also like this film very much.