5 Trending Salt & Pepper Wigs for Older Women

Just because you’re over thirty, doesn’t mean that you can’t look great. Many women of a refined age want to wear wigs as a protective style, but don’t want a wig that could be mistakenly for a teen or pop star. That’s why we think salt and pepper wigs have become so popular. There are a lot of great styles that you can wear to feel fabulous without the inconvenience of styling your hair every day. Here are the top five salt and pepper wigs for Older Women.

1.Straight Bobs

One of the top trends for salt and pepper wigs is the straight bob. This sexy but no-nonsense look is great for those of you who want something elegant but not too playful. The length of the bob can vary, but we’ve found that the most popular length is neck length.

If you need to straighten your bob, make sure you keep it on a low heat and always use a heat protectant. Remember, only straighten wigs made from real hair, otherwise you can burn your wig. 

2.Wavy Hair

Beautiful beach waves are another great style that’s been popular for a while, and for good reason. Beach waves are an iconic look because they’re playful, professional, and flattering on almost everyone.

Wavy wigs are easy to maintain because you don’t have to refresh the intensity of the curls very often. But if you do want to refresh these curls, you can try to loosely put curlers in your hair.

3.Pixie Cuts

A pixie cut wig is a fun and fresh style. It’s perfect for the woman who doesn’t want to fuss over little things like curls, brushes, and styling up your wig. It’s as professional as it is sexy.

4.Coily Bobs

One of the styles that we love to see is the coily bob. If you want something that’s fun, and a little flirty, a coily bob would be the way to go. These ringlets are an absolute attention grabber.

With curlier wigs, you’ll have to be more cautious of how you treat your curls since they can fall out or become frizzy. When you’re not wearing it, keep your wig in a secure location on a bust. You can occasionally use a wig spray to keep the curls solidified. Try not to manipulate your curls too often as well.

5.Afro Wigs

For a little over ten years, displaying one’s natural kinks and coils have become incredibly popular. Black women all over the world have begun to wear bigger and bolder hair styles. This trend has translated into wigs as well and many mature black women have started to imitate the trend too. If you’ve wanted to go for a big and bold style, we highly recommend grabbing an afro today.

Remember, with afros you do have some freedom in how you fluff your hair. But try to invest in a pick instead of using a comb. Afros still have small, but intricate curls that you need to keep in place.