What Does the R in A Circle Mean

In today’s article, we will learn about the signs of the trademark. You must have seen the R in the circle on many products. This is the trademark of the company. Every company uses the trademark so that its consumers can avoid counterfeiting and buy the original product easily. That’s why the company uses the TM, and R trademarks on the packing of its products.

The TM trademark is used for the same reason that its brand name cannot be used by any other company. This allows companies to maintain their reputation. A total of three types of trademarks are used in the market which is as follows:-

1. TM

2. SM

3. R ​​in the circle:- This trademark is used by the companies of the United Nations.

Companies that use the R trademark indicate to the public of all countries that their trademark and service are protected. The use of this trademark means that the company has registered its trademark with the federal government. This symbol may be used by any company only if it is registered with a US Patent and Trademark Workstation. Companies use this symbol only after the USPTO approves your production. Only then can the recording symbol be used.