The Duggar Family

You may have heard of the Duggar family. The Duggar family live in Akersas, Totitown near Springdale. Two members of this family, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, married on 21 July 1984. At that time, they justified the use of the pill to control the birth of children. At that time they thought that it would not be right to do children now. Four years after that, they gave birth to their first child. After that, Michelle returned to using pills. But Michelle conceived again and was miscarried. At that time they talked to a Christian doctor and found that you can get pregnant even after taking the pill. They did not want to have an abortion. They were saddened by the miscarriage. They were a supporter of life. After the miscarriage, they realized that their selfish act killed their young child.  They were  very sad about this.

They prayed to God for forgiveness of their sins, that they should forgive them for the sins they have committed and teach them to love children as they do with the whole world. They  prayed to God to bless many children. After Their prayer, Michelle gave birth to two twin children. Till date they had a total of 19 children. His 19 children consisted of 10 boys and 9 girls.

God opened many doors for the care of the children that their children may be blessed. Jim Bob and Michelle lived a very happy life with their children. Jim Bob served as a Republican member of the Arkansas House from 1999 to 2002. After he entered a real estate business. He  worked as an investor and agent in real estate. The Duggars received income as rent on their properties.

The construction of their house started in 2000 on 7000 square feet of land. At that time, they had bought a lot for his house. He also ordered two steel farms to build his house. Of the two steel frames that were ordered, one was not properly drilled. Hence, They got a third frame. Duggars used this frame to build his girls’ rooms and kitchens. This house of their was completed in 2006.

Thus, God blessed the Duggars family in many ways. The Duggars were so supportive of family life that they gave birth to a total of 19 children due to the abortion of one child. For this, they also faced many problems. God handled them in every situation. A film has also been made on their life, which people like to watch. If you want to know more about the Duggars family then you can watch this film of theirs. You will get more information about their life from this film. I hope that you like this article. The purpose of writing this article is that the Christian family should not encourage abortion. Just as the Duggars family received God’s blessings. You should also try to get them.