75 great examples of topics for writing an essay about fashion and style

Fashion has always been and still remains to be a crucial part of society. It helps people express their inner world through their clothes and accessories. When you get a chance to choose a topic for your essay on style and fashion, ensure that you focus on something that interests and inspires you. It is a challenging assignment, and the right choice of a topic can make it less stressful for you.

Even though it has fewer requirements than writing a formal essay, you might still need more experienced writers’ assistance. You can use an online reliable writing service to get help from qualified experts. Nevertheless, if you wish to cope with this assignment on your own, here are some topic ideas for your inspiration.


General Topics on Fashion and Style

  1. The evolution of fashion over the 20th century
  2. The effect of social media on fashion tendencies
  3. The correlation between fashion and culture
  4. The ethical aspect of fast fashion and its influence on the environment
  5. Fashion and body positivity promotion
  6. The impact of fashion on identity
  7. Streetwear in high fashion
  8. The development of sustainable fashion
  9. The importance of fashion in the LGBTQ+ community
  10. Little black dress and its history
  11. The cultural appropriation of fashion trends
  12. The connection between fashion and feminism
  13. The invention of the high heel
  14. Fashion in politics
  15. The significance of diversity in fashion
  16. Celebrity culture and its impact on fashion trends
  17. Denim and the history of its invention
  18. Technological fashion as a future trend
  19. The impact of music on fashion trends
  20. White t-shirt and its evolution in fashion
  21. The development of personal style throughout history
  22. Fashion icons and how they shape modern style
  23. The cultural importance of fashion and style in different societies
  24. The influence of technology on unique personal style, from online shopping to virtual try-on
  25. The psychology behind finding a personal style and its impact on self-expression and confidence
  26. The effect of societal expectations and norms on personal style
  27. The correlation of style and identity, including how gender, race, and sexuality influence one’s style
  28. The significance of sustainability in styling and fashion choices
  29. Fashion bloggers and influencers and their influence on modern trends
  30. The future of personal style


History of Fashion Topics

  1. The effect of World War II on fashion trends and innovative decisions
  2. The rise and fall of iconic fashion houses
  3. The impact of the hippie movement on fashion
  4. The evolution of women’s fashion: from the corset to modern-day clothing
  5. Fashion: creating and reinforcing gender norms and stereotypes
  6. Traditional clothing in different parts of the world
  7. Streetwear as a fashion trend and its influence on the industry
  8. The popularity of sustainable and ethical fashion
  9. The correlation between fashion and celebrity culture
  10. Technology and its impact on the future of fashion production


Topics on the Challenges of Modern Fashion

  1. Fast fashion and the necessity for sustainable alternatives
  2. Ethical concerns of labor practices in the industry
  3. The effect of globalization on fashion production
  4. Social media: creating fashion trends and altering body image
  5. Inclusive and diverse fashion that contemplates different cultural backgrounds
  6. Overproduction and waste in the fashion industry
  7. The consequences of the COVID-19 faced by the fashion industry
  8. The balance of creativity and commercial viability in fashion industry
  9. The correlation of fashion and technology
  10. The challenges of creating timeless and relevant designs in a constantly changing industry.


Topics About Famous Fashion Designers

  1. Coco Chanel: revolutionizing women’s clothing and accessories
  2. Yves Saint Laurent: breaking the boundaries in haute couture and ready-to-wear fashion
  3. Giorgio Armani: the creator of the power suit
  4. Vivienne Westwood: punk and new wave fashion designs
  5. Christian Dior: the “New Look” in fashion after World War II
  6. Alexander McQueen: fusing art and fashion to create bold designs
  7. Calvin Klein: revolution of minimalistic designs
  8. Ralph Lauren: creating an entire lifestyle brand
  9. Marc Jacobs: provocative designs
  10. Donatella Versace: letting the fashion dynasty live and prosper


Topics on Fashion Brands That Hugely Impacted the Fashion Industry

  1. Levi Strauss & Co: the invention of denim jeans
  2. Gucci: one of the most renowned names in fashion
  3. Nike: the transformation of athletic wear
  4. Zara: successful fast fashion business model
  5. H&M: the popularization of sustainable fashion via conscious collection
  6. Prada: revolutionizing the use of materials – nylon and leather
  7. Louis Vuitton: the challenge of staying relevant for centuries
  8. Herm├Ęs: focus on traditional craftsmanship and materials
  9. Balenciaga: Cristobal Balenciaga and pushing the boundaries of fashion
  10. Tommy Hilfiger: preppy fashion and cultural icon in the 1990s.


Topics on the Modern Fashion Brands that Everybody Needs to Know

  1. Off-White: taking streetwear to new heights
  2. Supreme: a cultural phenomenon through limited edition drops
  3. Balmain: redefining luxury fashion
  4. Acne Studios: a staple for minimalist and modern fashionistas
  5. Vetements: avant-garde designs and collaborative approach

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