6 Must-Know Style Tips For Big and Tall Men

Clothes shopping can be an overwhelming task for a lot of people. It is a complicated mixture of knowing your style and keeping a pulse on recent trends. Although finding the right fit for your size may be quite tricky, every size can achieve an absolutely attractive and functional wardrobe.

Men that are big and tall in size can be said to be about 6’2″ or taller, with the width being taken into consideration. As a tall gent that needs clothes beyond XL, big and tall may be the right description for you. These sizes generally start from 17 inches in the neck, 46 inches in the chest, and 40 inches around the waist.

For the sake of being aware, you can grab a measuring tape or get a helping hand to determine your exact measurements. Hence, let us explore some style tips for big and tall men.

6 Must-Know Style Tips For Big and Tall Men

Get Your Tailored Fit

The first to be discussed, arguably the most important, is nailing your fit. Avoid baggy and boring, as gone are those days you used to feel the necessity to hide under ill-fitting clothing. Even extra fabric can over-emphasize a large frame. However, on the other hand, avoid clothing that is too tight, as it will make you feel uncomfortable and restricted in your movements.

It is highly suggestible that you find your perfectly-fitting pants, shirts, knitwear, and outerwear by making use of a professional tailor. They will be able to confirm your measurements and adjust items to your exact size. Although it may require a little more effort, it is completely worth it.

Choose V-Neck Shirts and Belts For Structure

Shirts and sweaters with a v-neck draw tend to draw the eye inward rather than outward, thereby creating a slimming effect.

Tucking in your shirt and incorporating a belt can also help to break up your outfit and trim your midsection. Even if you have a large stomach area, you should try this out. But if your outfit lacks structure, there is a probability of the eye drifting around and drawing more attention to those areas.

In addition, lighter colors tend to emphasize the areas of your body you want to draw attention to.

Lean Into Layering With Outerwear

Layering is considered to be a secret weapon. If you have never been a layering guy, well, it may be time to reconsider. This is because jackets and other outerwear can be quite handy at elevating an outfit while, at the same time, complimenting you.

If you want to draw attention away from a wide midsection, you could wear a trending jacket or blazer with a little padding on the shoulders. This will bring the focus upwards and give balance on top. Men’s fashion for broad shoulders uses strategic knit panels for added stretch.

Typically speaking, thinner jackets with less volume will be flattering as they will not include unwanted bulk. However, the purpose of this article is not to prevent you from living your best layering life. For instance, if puffer jackets are your kind, own it and go for it.

Wear Dark Colors and Micro Prints

Concerning patterns and colors, it is always helpful to be aware of their effects on your overall look. If your aim is to generate a slenderizing silhouette, you will want to go for darker, solid colors with micro prints. You do not need to stick to black, as navy and charcoal grey, and olive are also great options.

Vertical stripes are generally a go-to for their slimming effects, but horizontal stripes are not out of the question either. You may be wondering how. It explains the act of balancing.

You can later use a dark, solid-colored jacket over a T-shirt with horizontal stripes to draw the eye downward rather than outward. If you are not interested in prints, you can bring back a 90s fashion staple by sporting your preferred logo on your shirt.

Play With Outfit Proportions

A perfectly-fitting suit that lays close to the body without being too tight is a beckoning force. Everyone should have a minimum of one power suit in their closet for presentations, interviews, and weddings.

For this style tip for big and tall men, it is expected of you to step outside the box and play with proportions. For instance, assuming you have an oversized longline coat that you love wearing in the fall and winter months, you can pair it with chunky boots and slim, straight denim on the bottom. This will help you avoid creating a top-heavy appearance.

Also, if you love wearing loose-fitting jeans, balance them with a well-tailored button-up and blazer. Additionally, you can choose to play out with big hats and studious suspenders. A game of yin and yang, you can call it.

Search For Sturdy and Breathable Fabrics

Just like many things in life, it is best to avoid the extreme ends of the spectrum. The same goes for getting the right materials for big and tall styles. Too-thick fabrics will add bulk, while too-thin threads are stage-five clingers.

It is advisable to stick to the middle ground with durable, yet, breathable fabrics with minimal stretch. Consider denim, cotton, flannel, and twill.

Note that you are not being advised to completely avoid stretch, but clothes with numerous elastic fibers tend to stretch out and eventually sag.

Be Stylish!

How you dress is an effective tool to present yourself to the world. More importantly, how you feel in your clothes is capable of making all the difference with your comfort and confidence. Sometimes, it only requires a few tweaks to those things you are probably already doing.

The style tips discussed above are tricks of the trade when creating outfits for big and tall men. Those techniques are simply guidelines, and although effective, you should not feel restricted by them.

Ultimately, do not go overboard with unnecessary accessories and patterns. Lovely solid colors or light stripes are usually preferred over busy designs and graphics. Remember, irrespective of your size, you can always, always be stylish.