Gauri and Nainika Wedding Gowns

Gauri and Nanika’s design is much liked in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood. Gauri and Nanika’s love for fashion design is reflected in their latest collection. Gauri and Nanika showcased their design dresses at the 2019 Lakme Fashion Show. In this fashion show, their model’s designer shoes were also giving the model a new and quirky look.

The dress that their model wore in this fashion show looked quite good. Along with this, there was not much problem in wearing these Dress.

Madden wore a dress that inspired the fashion show Flamenco, which was also well liked by the people.

The model wore a red dress at the fashion show. This was also liked by the people. This dress can be worn on birthday. Such was the opinion of the people.

Bollywood actress Yami Gautam also participated in this fashion show as a model. Yami Gautam’s dress was also well liked. Yami Gautam wore a dress made of One Shoulder with a flower. Which was quite liked by the audience.

Thus, the entire fashion show was well received and all the dresses of Gauri and Nanika were highly appreciated. Gauri and Nanika have earned considerable name in fashion design. This fashion show also added a new chapter to their success.