What is Panoramic WiFi Gateway

Cox’s Panoramic WiFi works in a different way in the home. It is a two in one gateway which works as a modem and router. If you are located in Wi-Fi zone then you can enjoy its connectivity. As you have placed the router and modem on the first floor, you can enjoy its connectivity in the second floor bedroom or ground floor and basement.

The new 5G technology makes the internet speed much faster for you. But it may not be compatible with some popular devices such as some webcams or older smartphones. Panoramic WiFi is a dual bed router that allows you to connect with 5G standards. In Panoramic WiFi you will get two networks with same name while setting up home network. From this, you can connect with anyone and enjoy your Wi-Fi.

Panoramic WiFi is a great option for gamers. Due to this, they will not face any hindrance while playing any type of game. Panoramic WiFi sends strong signal to any device, due to which there is no problem in the net and users get high speed net easily.

Cox has already made strides with gamers by offering the Elite Gamer Service. This makes your home internet connection gamer friendly. Panoramic WiFi gives strong signal to all the residents of your house so that they can do their study related, office related, personal work with ease.

If you have a lot of guests coming to your house or you keep a lot of tenants in your house, then by sharing the panoramic wifi password with them, you can take some money from them and also reduce the cost of panoramic wifi. This will not affect your net speed much.