Best Grammar Checker tools for 2021

In today’s time, if you want success in any writing field, then you’re prepared paper or article should be completely free of grammatical errors. Whether you are writing an essay or writing an article, to make everyone successful, you need to be free from grammatical errors. In today’s era, many such grammar check tools have come up, with the help of which you can easily correct the grammatical errors of your essay or article. In this article, we will look at some grammar checking tools, with the help of which you can remove grammatical errors of your essay or article. The list of these grammar checking tools is as follows: –

1. Grammarly: –

In the recent past, this tool has started to be used the most for removing grammatical errors. In a very short time, this tool has attracted 20 million consumers. The special feature of this tool is that it not only checks the grammar but it checks all types of mistakes in writing. It finds such wrong words in every article that make the sentence wrong. When its programs find such wrong words, this tool suggests using other correct words in place of those words. This makes every sentence of the article from wrong to true.

This tool can be used with all types of software. This tool can be used with Microsoft Office. You can use this tool with Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, Outlook and other email messenger. You can also use this tool for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter. You can also use this tool with Google Docs, worksheets. So this tool can be used with every type of paper or article. With this tool you can do every one of your posts to get rid of grammar errors.

The features of this tool are as follows: –

1. This tool is helpful in conducting writing.

2. This tool can react to the writing of any theme.

3. This tool is helpful in working on many platforms.

4. This tool is capable of detecting multiple errors.


1. Gives correct time to correct errors.

2. This tool is quite accurate.

3. This tool can be used by all types of users.

4. Words can be added easily to its dictionary.


1. This tool has limited services for free users.

2. To use this tool it is necessary to have internet.

3. This tool leads to the use of its paid version.


Grammarly offers 3 different price plans to its users. In their first price scheme, it gives free service, in which the user can only improve grammar fundamentally. After this, their second price plan is the premium plan, which has the facility to improve grammar. It costs 12 dollars per month. This scheme has facilities like sentence rewriting, protection against plagiarism. After this, their third plan is for professional writers, which is 12.50 dollars per month. It can be used simultaneously by three users.

2. Hemingway app: –

This grammar app can also be used on desktop. This software not only corrects your errors, but also helps you improve your writing style. This also improves the readability of your piece.

In this software, you can copy paste your work or directly type your writing in this software. When you type in this software, in the right sidebar you start getting feedbacks to improve writing, with the help of which you can improve your writing. In this software, you can do your writing in different colors. As a suggestion in this software, you are shown blue color for weak language sentences and red color for complex sentences with the help of which you can improve your writing.


1. This software uses automatic readable technology.

2. This software can be used both online and offline.

3. With this software you can improve the readability of any of your papers.


1. In this software you get suggestions with color coding errors.

2. In this software, proper interfaces are available for the users.

3. If the author uses passive voice in his article, then this software recognizes it and helps the user to activate it.

4. This software prevents the author from creating commas and more short sentences.


1. This software displays every adjective as an error.

2. This software is not able to check tedious spelling and grammar.

3. This app or software cannot be used on various sites.


1. This software is free for online users.

2. If you want to use this software on your desktop, you can buy it from their site. Its price is 19.99 dollars. This software can be used on Windows and Mac OSX.

You can use both these grammar correction tools to improve the spelling grammar of your writing. You can also improve your writing style using these software’s.