Parts of a shoe and anatomy

We all wear shoes every day. But we do not know about shoe structure. In today’s article, we will learn about the structure of shoes. The shoe structure can be divided into two parts. 1. Upper part 2. Lower part

There are many sections in the upper part of the shoe, which together form the upper part of the shoe. All these sections are connected by threads. The upper part of the shoe consists of vamp, quarter and lining. The upper part of the shoe is made from various materials that are natural and synthetic. For the upper part of the shoe, the leather is much preferred. Leather shoes have a good lifespan, which is why leather shoes are preferred more. When synthetic is produced on a large scale, it is much cheaper; hence it is used for the upper part of shoes. Synthetic is waterproof so shoes do not get damaged by water. Today, most of the leather shoes are used synthetically, so that the shoes can be protected from water damage. The front part of the shoe’s upper part is made of vamp. The shoes have different vamps according to their different design and style.

The back part of the upper part of the shoe is made of crystals. The eddy portion in the quarter is reinforced with a stretcher to support the rufroot. A component of the quarter is a counter that is made of fiberboard or molten plastic. In children’s shoes and athletic shoes, the strainer is extended at the center of the arch to give an anti-accent.

In many shoes, the paw is made as an island. Toecaps are either stitched or replace the superior aspect outside the vamp. The task of toecaps is to shape the shoe properly and protect the toes.

Bottom of the shoe

Now we talk about the lower part of the shoe which includes Soul and heel. Sol is a Latin word meaning soil or land.

The outer sole is the most important part of the shoe, the lifespan of the entire shoe depends on this part. Because this part only touches the ground and gives protection to your feet. The better quality it will be, the higher will be the age of your shoe. The shoe sole is made of many different things. The shoe sole is manufactured in the same degree of thickness and flexibility. So that there is no problem in moving or turning your legs. The shoe sole is made waterproof so that it does not deteriorate quickly with water.

The bottom and back of the shoe are called heel. It is made for shoes with different height. If the shoes are to be raised higher then high heels are used and for normal height, normal heels are used.

In this way, to make a shoe, several parts of it are made which are divided into upper and lower parts. After reading this article, you must have a good knowledge of the structure of your shoe. We hope that you liked this article of ours.