Why iphone is faster than android

People who use Android phones are ready to know if the speed of the iPhone is better than the Android phone. If the speed of the iPhone is better than the android, then what are the reasons behind it. Let us look at some such things which prove that the speed of the iPhone is faster than the android. The reasons why the speed of an iPhone phone is faster is as follows.

1. The operating system of iPhone is faster and smoother than the operating system of android. Recently Gary Sims tested the Snapdragon against the Apple 11 Pro Max. In this test, Gary found that the Apple 11 Pro beats the Snapdragon 865. IOS works well with whatever device Apple makes. The work of optimizing the software for hardware in Android is dependent on the OEM, which sometimes spoils its work. Apple manufacturers pay more attention to the fact that all the resources of the phone can be used more efficiently. This makes the phone’s life longer. This increases the cost of Apple phone. There is a lack of this in Android phones, which makes phones cheaper but their age is less than that of iPhone.

2. Using an iPhone is easy for users. For those using an Android phone, the Android phone is very entertaining. But with this they fill their phone completely. People using Android phones can download and enjoy any software or game for themselves using the Play Store. The iPhone gives its users a separate play store where easy applications are kept for the consumers. iPhone is popular for its simplicity. Using an iPhone is also easy. A person running an iPhone can easily run any type of phone. Whereas each android has its own separate operating system. That is why the way to run them also varies. This is not the case for iPhone users.

3. iPhone can be considered more secure than Android. Google has also done a lot of work in terms of security. Google constantly updates on the Play Store. But the issue of iPhone security is still ahead of android. Many people want security more than entertainment. Such people prefer to use iPhone. It is harder for hackers to get into iPhone, rather than Android phones.

4. The quality of the camera of the iPhone is very good. Whereas the quality of the camera is so good in Android. For a good quality camera, the consumer has to choose a phone with more pixels, while a good picture can be easily captured even on low pixels in an iPhone. This is the reason that cheap iPhones get good photo capture.

Looking at all these things and reasons, it can be said that iPhone is  better and faster than smart phones. If you are thinking to get a phone for yourself and your budget is good, then you can buy an iPhone. With this, you will be able to run your phone for a long time.