Svante Thunberg net worth

Savante Thunberg is a famous Swedish actor. His  climate activist daughter’s name is Greta Thunberg.

Savante Thunberg was born on 10 June 1969. His place of birth is Salts-boo, Sweden. His father’s name is Olaf Thunberg and mother’s name is Mona Anderson. His mother works as an actor.

In 1992, the University of Sweden accepted Savante Thunberg where he studied theater and opera.

Savante Thunberg married Malena Ernman in 2004. His wife works as an actress and singer. After their marriage, Savante Thunberg is also known as Savante Ernman Thunberg.

Savante Thunberg has two daughters. Their elder daughter was born on 3 January 2003. She was named Greta by Savante Thunberg. Their second daughter was born in 2005. She was named Beata by Savante Thunberg.

Savante Thunberg’s daughter Greta stopped eating and communicating when she was 11 years old. After this, she left school for a year and moved to stay at home. When she was 12 years old, she was diagnosed with Asperser’s syndrome and selective autism.

By 2018, Greta had become very passionate about climate activism. For this, she went on strike in school. At first her parents did not support her. But since then, they have been associated with their daughter in her activism. Savante Thunberg lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his family.

Savante Thunberg works as a trained actor. In addition, he is also a successful theater producer. He is also the manager of his wife’s work. Both Savante Thunberg and his wife make the project together.

Savante Thunberg has also written an autobiographical book of Heart with his wife. In this book, Savante Thunberg describes the changes in his family. In this, Savante Thunberg has also told about his two daughters Greta and Beata.

Savante Thunberg often travels around the world with his daughters. In December 2018, they attended a climate conference in Poland. Here Greta also gave a speech related to climate change. In August 2019, Savante Thunberg also accompanied Greta to England.

Savante Thunberg’s daughter Greta continues to work hard for climate protection. For this, she went to many conferences and made people aware about environmental protection.

Savante Thunberg’s father is also a little worried because of his daughter’s work, but he fully supports his daughter in this task.

The total wealth of Savante Thunberg is unknown at this time. Savante Thunberg does not talk much about his net worth. Savante Thunberg does not disclose his net worth like other Hollywood actors. No public records of the earnings of Savante Thunberg and his wife have been revealed to the public. But Savante Thunberg is one of Sweden’s celebrities.