Jaeden Lieberher and his sister Jovi Lieberher

Jaeden Lieberher was born on 4 January 2003 in Philadelphia, USA. Jaeden Lieberher is currently a model, film actor and television actor. Jaeden Lieberher is very well known for his work in Hollywood.

When Jaeden Lieberher was 8 years old, he was transferred from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles with his mother. Jaeden Lieberher never expected that he would grow up to be a film actor. Jaeden Lieberher had no prior connection with the film industry. Earlier, none of his family had worked in the film world. He is the first member of his family who has worked in the film world. Jaeden Lieberher attracted many people through his charm. Jaeden Lieberher has also worked for several commercials in Los Angeles.

Jaeden Lieberher worked in Playing It Cool in 2009 after gaining popularity in advertisements. His role in this film was brief. But Jaeden Lieberher still influenced the people. 5 years later, in 2014, he got a role as a St. Vicente in a film. After this film, Jaeden Lieberher began to work in many films. In the 2016 film Midnight Special, Jaeden Lieberher acted as the role of a boy with some supernatural power.

Jaeden Lieberher has worked in several drama series apart from films. These drama series include the Masters of Sex and the American Dead.

Jaeden Lieberher’s father’s name is Vance Libber. Jaeden Lieberher’s mother’s name is Angela Martel. Jaeden Lieberher has two brothers and a sister named Jovi. Jaeden Lieberher loves his sister. On 1st April is birth date of Jaeden Lieberher’s father. Jaeden Lieberher has a chest size of 36 and his biceps is 11. Jaeden Lieberher’s eye color is green. Jaeden Lieberher’s hair is dark brown in color.

Jaeden Lieberher gets 10,000 dollars per episode per drama. According to the 2020 data, the net worth of Jaeden Lieberher is 500000 dollars.  Jaeden Lieberher likes black and red color. Jaeden Lieberher likes Brand Nike and likes to keep Apple’s phone. Jaeden Lieberher likes traveling in Japan. Jaeden Lieberher likes to eat pizza, and Chinese. Jaeden Lieberher likes the 90s hip hop. Jaeden is Lieberher’s pet animal is dog.

In Jaeden Lieberher 2014 his father used to drive a food truck. In the same year, Jaeden Lieberher also worked on a talk show called The Ellen. Little is known about Jaeden Livebearer’s sister Jovi Lieberher. Jaeden Lieberher loves his sister Jovi Lieberher. Jaeden Lieberher’s parents also love their daughter Jovi Lieberher very fondly. Jaeden Livebearer’s sister Jovi Lieberher loves everyone in her family.