How tall is Becky G

You must have heard about many famous singers of America. Becky G is also one of them. Becky G’s original name is Rebecca Marie Gomez. Becky G, like other young stars, gained fame and prestige in her life for the first time through online music. Becky had put a video of her on You Tube, which was seen by producer Dr. Luke and also attracted through her singing. Becky G received positive praise from her debut The Bike Farm the Block. Becky G also achieved stardom status in 2014 with a single shower.

Becky G was born on 2 March 1997 in California. Becky’s childhood was filled with difficulty due to the poverty of her family. Becky G did a lot of work to support her family during her childhood. At this time, Becky G is 23 years old. Becky’s caste is Mexican and her religion is Christian. Becky G is the daughter of Alex Gomez and Frank Gomez, her father and three siblings.

Becky went to a local public school to complete her primary education. Becky later opted for homeschooling. Later, when the circumstances of his family started deteriorating, Becky left his studies and started working to support his family. In 2015, Becky joined relation with singer Austin. Becky is currently engaged in dating American football player Sebastian.

Becky is one of America’s most beautiful singers. Her height is 4 feet 11 inches and her weight is 48 kg. Her  body measures 34–24–34. Her eye color is dark brown. The color of Becky’s hair is black. Becky G likes to wear 6 number shoes along with the size of her dress is 34.

Becky started her career in 2013. In 2013, Becky G released her single Becky the Block. This year, Becky G  released his ensemble play it Again this year. Becky G gained worldwide fame in 2014. This year Becky G released the single Shower. Which the whole world liked very much. Becky started her acting in 2008 itself. In 2008, Becky G made a short film called El Tack. In 2011, Becky was an artist in the film House of Sin. Becky G received her lead role in the film Power Razors Trine in 2017.

Becky G has been liked by millions due to her singing and her extraordinary onscreen personality. Becky’s total assets are said to be 7 million by 2020. In the last few years, due to his singing and fame, there has been a big jump in his wealth. Becky G is still working on a lot of projects.

Becky G loves to eat Pizza . Along with this, his favorite color is yellow. Becky G loves playing baseball. Becky’s favorite films are Titanic and The Notebook. Becky’s favorite songwriters are Thaliana and Jennifer Lopez.

Becky G is also widely followed on social media. Becky G  has millions of followers on social media. Becky G has 24.5 million Instagram and 2.6 million followers on Twitter. Along with this, they also have more than 8.7 million followers on Facebook. Becky G also has 6.47 million subscribers on YouTube channel. Becky G’s Video is viewed by over 6 billion people. Becky G is the greatest admirer of Justin Barbour. Becky G first had a passion to make her career in the fashion industry. When Becky began to grow up, her attitude towards music became huge and she became a good musician.

In December 2018, Becky launched her own makeup line Salvage in association with Color Pro.

Becky G recently contributed to the Hispanic community in her hometown of California. Becky G was also honored for this. Becky G’s childhood was very difficult. But Becky G has achieved her position by working hard. Becky is very hardworking. We get a lot of inspiration from her  life.