Advantages of iphone over android

Today’s era is of iPhone and Smartphone. Today we cannot live without them. These phones fulfill our conversations and entertainment in our lives. When we think about buying a phone, the same idea comes to our mind whether we take an iPhone or an Android phone. In today’s article, we will try to attract you to the iPhone. In today’s article, we will see why one should buy iPhone instead of Android phone. Why are there advantages to buying an iPhone, which cannot be done by buying an Android phone. The advantages of buying an iPhone are as follows.

1. It is easier to use an iPhone than an Android phone. Each android has a different processor, so the way of using it is also different. While the iPhone is known for its simplicity. So it is very easy to use iPhone. Its interface is quite easy due to which consumers can use it easily. All functions of an app in iPhone always work. While many times all the functions of the application are not able to work in Android phones.

2. For iPhone, when you download an app from its play store, it runs smoothly on the iPhone. With this, you do not have much problem in using any application. In contrast, in Android phones it is not certain that when you download an app from Google’s Play Store, it will go to your phone. Due to this, you may face difficulty in using the application at times. This type of problem is not seen in the iPhone.

3. Any settings in iPhone are done with ease. Everything on the iPhone is displayed to consumers with ease. In contrast, consumers have to spend a lot of time in settings in Android phones. In iPhone, you can also use the screen light by reducing it significantly. With this, you do not have much problem in using the iPhone at night and neither does your eye be stressed. On the contrary, you cannot reduce the light much in Android phones. This can put emphasis on your eyes at night.

4. iPhone support Microsoft Office, due to which you can use excel Word, Power point in any iPhone. All these app students and people working in the office are very useful. Because of which most of the students and the company’s employees like to use iPhone. In contrast, Microsoft office is not available in many Android phones.

5. iPhone does not insist on the use of bad applications. While in Android you can use every type of app. This avoids iPhone users from bad usage.

6. Security tightens on iPhone. Even if you lose your phone, it keeps your data safe. Android phones do not have any such feature. IPhone users can retrieve their data in another new iPhone through their ID. Android users are not able to do it this way.

Looking at all these advantages, I would say that you should give more emphasis to buy iPhone for yourself. This will give you more security and quality.