Tips for cut a shirt

Today, all people have a large collection of clothes. Today, everyone keeps on shopping for the day. Due to which they have many old and new  boring clothes which they no longer like to wear. If you want, you can cut them and change their size to make an attractive garment. So that you can wear it. This will improve your personal style and will also save your time and money.

Here some steps and guidelines are being told so that you can trim your over size shirt, T-shirt and make an attractive crop top or tank top.

The technique of topping any shirt can be divided into three categories.

1. No seam required: – This method is the easiest and simplest method. In many cases you need a scissors or some other measuring tool. Sewing is not included in this technique. This method involves cutting out the cloth and incorporating the cloth.

2. Sew: – In this technique, any shirt has to be stitched to turn it into a top. You can use sewing machine or hand sewing to change the top of the shirt. In this technique, you can add two clothes and make yourself an attractive top or shirt.

3. Cut and Stitch: – In this technique, both the above techniques are used. This involves first trimming and then stitching. The complexity in this technique is that you should know beforehand what size top or shirt you want.

When you trim your shirt into a top, you can also paint or print it. With this, you can change your shirt or top to your custom color.

Let us learn about another way by which we will be able to cut our over size shirt and get an attractive shirt or top for ourselves.

Method: resizing the sides

If you want to get a fitting top or shirt for yourself, then you will have to add some style to it as well. For this you will need a sewing tool by which you can make attractive top or shirts for you by sewing the cut sides.

Steps to make any over size shirt an attractive top or shirt.

1. First choose a flat place and place your sewing equipment there.

2. In this step you can cut the collar of your shirt. If it is already fitting you, then you can leave it.

3. Now you can cut the bottom hem. If you like to keep it, then you can also leave it.

4. In this step you have to measure your waist so that you can avoid tight or loose fitting clothes.

5. Now transfer your measurements to your shirt on a flat surface, cut the edges of the shirt from the bottom hem to the shoulder.

6. Now cut from armpit to hem into evenly peeled slices. After this, tie the string together. Finally trim the fringes raised on all sides. You will receive an attractive shirt in your suit.

In this way, you can convert your over size and bored clothes into attractive clothes.