Biography of Paul Rudd Wife Julie Yaeger

Everyone wants to know Julie Yaeger because she is the wife of a famous actor, Paul Rudd. Let us take information about Julie Yaeger in this article.

Julie Yaeger was born on August 13, 1968. Many people know her as the wife of Paul Rudd. Not many people know that Julie Yaeger is also a Hollywood artist. She has also acted as film actress, producer and screenwriter in several Hollywood films. Julie Yaeger was born in NYC, USA.

Julie Yaeger’s religion is Jewish and she follows her religion fully. His father Fred Yaeger is an preacher. You can follow them on their twitter account.

Julie Yaeger did her education at Whatsabora High School. Julie Yaeger holds a Bachelor of Science degree. After this she studied in communication.

Love was merged by Paul Rudd and his wife Julie Yaeger. Both of them are very influential love story. In the 90’s, Paul Luke was taking services from Chrystal. Julie Yaeger also worked in the same office. Julie Yaeger was greatly influenced by Paul Rudd. For this reason, Paul Rudd invited Julie Yaeger to dinner. This is where their love story started.

Julie Yaeger and Pal Rude dated each other for 8 years, after which the couple got married in 2003. They have been married for 17 years. Julie Yaeger and Pal Rudd have two children. He has a son and a daughter. The son’s name is Jack Sullivan Rudd and the daughter’s name is Darby Rood.

Julie Yaeger started her career only after graduation. She also worked as a preacher like her father. This created a way for them to get their love.

Julie Yaeger worked as producer and screenwriter in some films such as Fun Mom Dinner and Mr Jealousy.

Julie Yaeger’s husband Paul Rudd is also Jewish. Her husband is older than her by five years. Julie Yaeger also takes interest in charity work. Julie Yaeger donated large amounts to the Staging Association for the Young.

Julie Yaeger also worked in many companies like Good way Group in the early days of her career. Julie Yaeger’s height is quite good. Julie Yaeger is 5 feet 7 inches, which can be considered a good height for women. Julie Yaeger weighs 62 kg.

Julie Yaeger loves to drive a car. She has an Audi A8 which she likes to drive.